Author Instructions

CROSSNETWORK JOURNAL is a inter-denominational multidisiciplinary on-line magazine for Christians committed to health and healing including the following disciplines: nursing, medicine, psychology, intercultural studies/mission, chiropractic. Articles will be allocated to one of the following categories:

1. The role of health ministries in the building of Christ's kingdom - i.e., in the transformation of people and communities
2. Community health - theory and practice
3. Cross-cultural communications and relationship-building in health
4. Whole person care - combining physical, psychological, spiritual, and relational care with the goal of restoring wholeness to the person
5. Training Christian health personnel on all levels
6. Decentralizing healthcare to make it accessible to everyone geographically, economically, and culturally
7. The contributions of the Christian faith in the HIV/AIDS epidemics
8. International partnerships in Christian health ministries - i.e., why are North Americans still needed? Preparation for Christian health ministries domestically and internationally

All manuscripts must be original work not previously published elsewhere. Articles should  be limited to 3000 words. Concise writing is valued.

Figures and photos may be liberally used in the article. Figures and photos should be submitted in JPEG or GIF format. All figures and photos should be no larger than 500x400 pixels. Authors wishing to include figures or text passages that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s).

The title page should contain the full names of all authors and complete contact information of the corresponding author, including their home church. The title should not exceed 90 characters.

If used, references should be numbered consecutively in the text. References should be styled as follows:

All articles will undergo peer or editorial review. The editors may accept the article with minor modifications or may ask for a partial re-write. The author may accept the assistance of the editorial staff to re-write portions.

Not all articles that are submitted will be accepted for publication. We do not offer honorarium for articles. Given the high cost of copyrighting ($30 per article), articles published on CROSSNETWORK JOURNAL will not be copyright protected.

Articles should be submitted in electronic form, preferably Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, or Adobe Acrobat to either Peter Yorgin, MD or Dan Fountain, MD

Dan Fountain, MD, MPH
Work Contact Information:
Director, Global Health Training Program
1350 King College Road
Bristol, TN  37620
Phone: (423) 652-4708
FAX: (423) 652-4788
e-mail: defountain@king.edu

Peter Yorgin, MD
Section of Pediatric Nephrology
Room A 1120A
11175 Campus Street,
Loma Linda, CA 92354
Phone: (909) 558-8242
Cell phone: (909) 801-9711
FAX: (909) 558-2526
e-mail 1: pyorgin@ahs.llumc.edu
e-mail 2: pyorgin@yahoo.com